Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Fashions Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the item I am ordering is in stock?

We have most listed items ready for shipment in our warehouse. If for some reason we are out of stock, we will request this item from the manufacturer and let you know of any delays in delivery of your order as a result.

I didn’t get a confirmation that my order was placed. What happened?

When you place an order online through our web store, you will receive an email confirmation in just a few minutes. If you do not receive your confirmation, this could be that the final purchase was not completed due to pop-up blockers enabled on your browser or perhaps your email was not entered correctly. This happens from time to time. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact customer service to verify your order was received and confirm your email address.

Why haven’t I received an update to the status of my order?

When we receive your order, it goes into our distribution system. Be assured that even though you may not receive an ongoing update, we are keeping track of your order. You can always check the status of your order by logging into your account or contacting customer service for a status.

I don’t see the size or color that I want to order for an item. Why not?

Not all styles come in every color or size, or perhaps we are out of stock. Our order pages show available size and colors at this time that we can obtain from our manufacturers. So if you do not see a size or color, chances are it’s not available right now. We update our web pages regularly so check back again soon or contact customer service.

I am not sure of the size I need. Can I order multiple sizes of an item and return what doesn't fit?

This is not advisable. If you have never purchased one of our brands before and are unsure what size to order, contact Customer Service and we may be able to assist you in selecting an appropriate size. Check our Fabric & Sizing page for helpful manufacturers sizing guidelines. If you purchase multiple sizes and decide to return what doesnt fit, you will be responsible for shipping costs related to the return. Also we must enforce our Return Policy guidelines by clicking here.

Has my returned merchandise been received?

Checking the status of a return or exchange is easy. Use our secure login screen to check your status. It will show when the return processing status.

How long does it take to get my refund?

Once your return has been received and validated with an appropriate Returned Authorization (RA#), we will issue your refund as soon as we can and update your account online to reflect status. Please note that your financial institution may take a few days to reflect the refund on your account.

I returned my merchandise, but I did not get the full amount back on my credit card. Why?

The primarily reasons are that original shipping charges are not refundable. Also if you return merchandise that was part of a free-shipping promotion, we will deduct applicable shipping charges from your credit refund to cover our original costs.

Do I need a return authorization code to return or exchange my items?

YES! All merchandise for exchange or return must include an RA# code and must be returned within the time specified. Packages received by our warehouse without a code will be subject to refusal and returned to the sender. Items received for refund after the date provided on your return authorization request may receive store credit for future purchases. You will receive an email with a virtual gift certificate code for the value of your return. Sorry, but we must enforce this policy to keep costs low.

I purchased an item from your Sale page but it doesn’t fit. Can I return it?

Merchandise on the Sale pages are non-returnable. All sales are final on this merchandise as they are part of our clearance items. Such items will have a blue box note in the description stating it does not qualify for returns or exchanges. Exchanges may be possible if other colors and sizes are still available. Please contact customer service for details.

I want to return merchandise, but my request was denied. Why?
During the checkout process, you are required to check the box confirming you have acknowledge the terms and conditions bound to your order by checking the tick box. The terms and conditions can be read here. When you check the box and proceed through the checkout system, you acknowledge acceptance to our terms, conditions, return and exchange policy. There are three primary reasons why your request was denied.

1. Your request was received beyond our 15 day RA# request or our 30 day return and exchange policy.
2. Merchandise you ordered is not subject to refunds or exchanges such as special orders, Sale items or merchandise designated as no returns or exchanges.
3. You have exchanged merchandise for an order more than two times or have a history of excessive returns.

Virtual Fashions reserves the right to restrict or modify our policies as required.

If you do not see a question on our FAQ page that pertains to you, please be sure to visit to contact
customer service.